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Temporary Heat

Our portable furnace provides temporary heat to prevent further damage.

We understand that the weather in the North can change in an instant. Subzero temps can knock out a furnace causing the home or business owner to be shut down and in desperate need of an immediate solution.

We are happy to let you know that ARG has a solution to your problem, our state of the art portable furnace. If your furnace goes out due to extreme weather and the pipes are frozen, then give us a call and we will deliver our portable furnace to provide heat until your furnace is repaired.

If your home or business has been frozen for any length of time, we will remain onsite and provide mitigation efforts in order to prevent further damage and restore whatever damage that has occurred.

Busted or burst water pipes will need to be immediately extracted and fixed. We typically assist the plumber in finding the damaged pipes that he will need to repair or replace. Please see our Broken Pipes page to see how we mitigate the water damage from frozen water pipes and restore your home or business back to normal.

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