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Mold Removal

We use science and advanced technology to remove and eliminate mold.

We identify the areas of mold visually and then inspect the mold using the high-tech equipment like our air particle counters. What this does is give us a starting point of the air quality. We then show you what the air particle count is. While it does not give us the spore count of the mold it still gives us a vital particle count as a base to work from.

A particle count over a safe number means that there is an elevated risk for mold and contamination. We then will give you an estimate of what it will cost to reduce the particle level down to the recommended standard requirements for good indoor air quality. Usually, this estimate involves a systematic cleaning that includes Hepa vacuuming, negative ozone generation and disinfecting the area. We always use containment barriers (see photos) to minimize and contain the areas of contamination.

Occasionally, we do need to demo sheetrock and remove carpeting, and other building materials.

On certain jobs we may need to bring in a certified industrial hygienist. This is done to have certified lab results and a written protocol. This is a more costly approach but sometimes, we have to go this route. Certain building materials may be malfunctioning or could have been installed wrong causing the damage in the first place.

Don’t take chances with mold; work with a proven professional… American Restores Group!