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Broken Pipes


Broken water pipes can cause extreme damages if the water runs long enough. 

Here's how we handle these situations:

1. We document the broken pipe with photos.

You never want to do anything without the proper documentation for the insurance company. Some contractors skip this step and it will cause the insurance carrier to deny the claim or delay the process.

2. We then start water mitigation.

We extract the carpets and remove the carpet pad.

3. We dry the baseboard trim.

We will remove the baseboards and drill holes if needed. This allows vapor pressure to release bound water.

4. We dry or remove the wet sheetrock from the walls.

We remove damaged sheetrock, however sometimes we are able to save most of the drywall with certain drying techniques.

5. We dehumidify and disinfect.

We setup drying equipment such as dehumidification and air movers, this will stop or prevent mold from growing. Then we disinfect with a plant based disinfectant so that you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals.

6. We monitor the drying process.

This is done to ensure your home or business is drying properly. This step is crucial for the insurance company’s documentation because it gives them the science they need to process the claim.

7. We draw a moisture map to give additional documentation to the insurance carrier.

This step is used to verify that we used just the right amount of equipment, and we didn’t take advantage of the situation. We then submit all this to the insurance company and you’re done with the mitigation step and on the restore step.

So be wise in choosing a contractor, work with a proven professional… American Restores Group!

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